about us

Philippine and Guillaume met at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris where they studied textile and graphic design.

Then, Guillaume worked for several years in the fields of publishing, advertising and fashion, as a graphic designer or communication director while Philippine experienced her skills as a print designer or craft printer in few fashion and print studios.

In 2017 they moved to Creuse, isolated in the center of France, to start their workshop in an old stone house. By themselves, with the help of many friends they learnt pattern design, cutting, sewing and production.

Atelier Usages was founded to offer a concrete alternative to current industrial fashion.

Since 2018, we have focused on designing and sewing ourselves utilitarian clothing in natural fibers, sourced as locally as possible. Thus, we have integrated the artisanal manufacturing workshop into the design studio, in the purest tradition of the fashion houses of yesteryear.

Through our demanding finished products, we promote the remarkable work of actors in the linen and wool sectors in France. In particular, we offer organic linen from Normandy, wool from the Massif-Central region and Arles merino wool from Provence.

In 2019, we integrated a vegetable dyeing laboratory into the workshop, in order to produce our own colors and patterns from plants and without toxic products.

The issue of waste is at the heart of the research carried out at the workshop and our solution is to deal with the problem at the source. Very harmful to the environment and with questionable technical qualities, we have eliminated the synthetic fibers from our creations, going so far as to sew with mercerized Egyptian cotton. Beyond zero-waste, our clothes can therefore be abandoned in nature where they will degrade quickly by being digested by the soil.

In 2021, we decided to review the positioning of the workshop and its productions, to leave the season calendar and to develop and produce pieces at our own pace. Still putting utilitarianism, use, fun and politics at the heart of the creation process. Non-gendered and unisex, our cuts are comfortable and rooted in current matters of identity and culture.